Catching the Wind

The wind is in your ears because of your lovers breath.

Question; How do you visualise something that is not visible yet present? An interdisciplinary group of artists and scientists take up this challenge in the Kilpisjärvi, Finland. The answer is a video titled Catching the Wind, along with pen and ink drawings of scientific measurements and other creative methods for rendering the movement of air visible. Throughout human history, wind has been an important source of energy as well as an inspiration in mythologies. But despite its importance on so many levels to human civilisation, we pay little attention to the wind.

A project by Physicist Hanne Sigrun Behring, Creative Economist GunnbjØrg Gunnarsdottir, Photographer Jung A. Kim, Graphic Designer Riikka Marttila, Linguist Rosmin Mathew, Sound Artist Maximilian Netter and Biologist Anne-Mathilde Thierry.