Odyssey Later

What will Earth look like in year 2115? A group of Subzero time travelers go to find out and are reporting back to us. On their way to the future they discover that there is no return, but fortunately they are able to send some data and images enough to hold a recorded press conference. The imagined world one hundred years from now seems familiar in many ways, but yet many things seem strange, somehow off. The sky has a pinkish color, the ground is barren without vegetation and the autumn temperatures have risen as climate change has proceeded. The project, inspired by science fiction movies, invites us to think of the consequences of the choices we make in the present. What kind of future do we want, and how can the grim future portrayed in Odyssey Later be ultimately avoided?

Message to SubZero Station in Oulanka 2015 from Cuus-Amo in 2115

Dear Humanity living in 2015,

We are the first group of time travelers, who have left the world in 2015. Due to some unforeseeable physical restrictions we will not be able to come back in person to deliver what we have seen and witnessed in the future of our world. We have never modeled scenarios in which we will have to stay in this time-frame. We therefore have to assume that if you follow the advice we will give you, we and the future we live in currently will either vanish or in a very miraculous way multiply. There have been numerous scientists advocating for the existence of parallel universes in 2015. I think we will only find out whether they were right if you follow our advice. There are 10 action points we warmly recommend you follow to avoid mistakes made by people who formed the future we arrived in. We thought about them carefully, made risk assessments and balances the side effects against each other.

  1. Climate Change will happen to a certain degree, but there is hope. Please stop investing money in climate engineering research and fund research devoted to storing renewable energy. It is possible, we have witnessed it.
  2. Do not act under stress and resort to badly thought through ways to influence the climate. It will not work. Fund INDEPENDENT projects on risk assessment and probability studies in climate and energy science.
  3. Nature as we’ve known it has almost gone. Preserve the forest. Do not do so in a manner to show off in front of tourists to get their money. Wrong intentions backfire eventually. Cutting down forests means losing precious air.
  4. Your biggest concern should be how to feed all human beings. Is has not properly worked in 2015 and it still does not work in 2115. Is this really necessary? Please keep our
  5. Stop the separation. People are human no matter where they are born. Building a wall to keep war and economic refugees out in 2015, building a wall to keep climate refugees out in 2115. Can there be no evolution in human empathy?
  6. There is an error in the human conception of freedom. Emancipation has always meant being free from something. The discussion about what to do and how to cope with that freedom has failed to happen. Religion had a deeper meaning than going to church every Sunday. Being an atheist means you have to explain yourself how the world works and is organised. Not everyone is able in 2015 to bear that weight. Keep that in mind before you want to free humanity of anything in the future.
  7. Some things will not change, so do not attempt to change them. The two favorite topics of human beings are still love and death. Remember 6 and that fear can eventually only be conquered by either one of these.
  8. If it is possible try to save Nutella. We do not have it in 2115.
  9. Time travel only seems to work forwards. Keep that in mind before the next mission.
A project by Laicos, Retupmoc, Tibar, Xof also known as Eli Eichler, LIsa Frach, Santtu laine and Karolina Spolniewski.