Welcome to the Wilderness!

Nature tourism keeps gaining popularity, but what is behind the scenes of the typical postcard view? How is nature and the wilderness perceived? Is it possible to take a picture without the signs of human influence?

Ski Resort in Ruka in the summer time can be a good example of the human’s invasion into nature. Even at the very top of one of the resort’s hills it was not possible to find a single view without any electric poles, streetlights, specially built wooden stairs and so on. Seeing hikers coming to the “wilderness” straight from a hotel and all the infrastructure built around the natural landscape brought us to another question: are people actually ready to go back to the roots and handle the purity of nature? Or will our nature vacation be completely spoiled without a high speed Wi-Fi connection, burger place around the corner and warm bed in a hotel?

Welcome to the Wilderness presents a kitschy postcard style to show reality behind these beautiful cliché landscapes. We keep on asking rhetorical questions to make the audience, including ourselves, start thinking, to start seeing the hidden, to start reflecting on perception of nature and wilderness.

Welcome to the Wilderness utilizes a kitschy postcard style to show a reality behind these beautiful cliché landscapes. This visual rhetoric evokes thoughts and reflections on our perception of nature and the wilderness.

A project by
Sakari Kankaanpaä (Finland)
Santtu Laine (Finland/Germany)
Anu Mäkinen (Finland)
Tapani Mikkola (Finland)
Duc Thin Ngo (Vietnam/Germany)
Fanni Uusitalo (Finland)
Liza Zelenetskaya (Russia/Germany)
Gerald Zojer (Austria/Finland)